Horror Icons Make The Final Sacrifice In An Effort To Get Everyone To ‘Stay Home’

This pandemic and lack of work for some of horror’s heavy hitters have led to a few projects that would have likely never seen the light of day if it wasn’t for the fact that all the cons, and films, and assorted other personal appearances dried up. Case in point – the following short film titled Stay Home.

Some powerhouse horror talent right there – it’s an action-packed 17 minutes – I think you’ll agree – and I have to say, Scout Compton really knocks it out of the park, in my opinion.

As you already have seen Dee Wallace but, she also executive produced. And in case you were not paying attention, the short starred Scout Compton, Barbara Crampton, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and Amir Talai.

The films official synopsis explains:

“During the COVID quarantine some of the biggest names in horror are targeted by a suspected killer. With no one able to leave their homes, will any of the genre legends make it until morning?”

Sums it up pretty well, I think. This one was fun – and a perfect little bite size horror snack for the time of year.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
Dave is co-founder and lead news reporter for Gruesome. Dave has built his resume working for Diabolique Magazine, The Horror Channel, Horrornews.net, House of Horrors and Creature Corner. He has worked with Tom Savini on his official site since 1997 and is also co-host of the popular podcast Horror News Radio.