[Review] “The Last Thanksgiving”: A Horror Sure To Satisfy your Turkey Day Appetite

Ever wonder where all the love for Thanksgiving horror is?  Well, so do I.  Thanksgiving is that lost holiday right between Halloween and Christmas, heck even the decorations in my household go directly from ghosts, monsters and pumpkins to Santa, snowmen and reindeer.  Well thankfully this gory serving of Thanksgiving horror from  up and coming writer/director Erick Lorinc will satiate your appetite for Turkey Day terror.

“The Last Thanksgiving” poster

We all know what we were taught in elementary school about the foundation of Turkey Day but Lorinc a graduate of the University of Miami film school turns that bit of history on its ear with a cannibalistic family celebrating their version of a traditional Thanksgiving handed down from their ancestors.

Lisa Marie (Samantha Ferrand) gets a little blood on her self

Lisa-Marie (Samantha Ferrand) is an angst-filled server at the local diner who is scheduled for the Thanksgiving shift where a quiet day quickly picks up.  The diner has its colorful cast of patrons who are enjoyable by both the viewer and the hungry household.  One unlucky customer in particular is sure to take hold of your horror wishbone; scream queen Linnea Quigley plays Paulette.

Things are about to get hot for Paula (Linnea Quigley)


Lorinc does a great job setting the table with a main course of horror peppered with a pinch of comedy, a side of inventive kills and a big bad helping of Pilgrim slasher.  So as your settling in after your feast be sure to save room for a helping of “The Last Thanksgiving” it will be sure to counteract the tryptophan. Be sure to look for this gem coming this November from Scream Team Releasing, check out the trailer below!

Something terrible has transpired




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