You Will Control Death When You Watch The Trailer For ‘Cry Havoc’

Man – this dude really does look like Charles Bronson – like, a lot like Charles Bronson. Hopefully, this flick has more going for it than that though.

Today we have our first look at Cry Havoc – the latest vehicle for the aforementioned Bronson look-alike – Robert Kovacs. Coming to us from director Rene Perez – this film will be the fourth film in what as known as his Playing With Dolls series of films.

Perez and Kovacs have a pretty long history working together but – this is the first time the director has brought the star into this particular franchise

The press release describes the film as follows:

“Robert Bronzi, the star of Death Kiss and Once Upon a Time in Deadwood, faces his deadliest opponent yet in Cry Havoc – available this May On Demand.

An ambitious young reporter is granted an interview with one of the FBI’s most wanted. While entering his compound she finds one of his prized possessions, a serial killer who murders at call, called HAVOC. Her only hope is a rogue policeman searching for his daughter.

Co-starring Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop) Emily Sweet, and JD Angstadt, writer-director Rene Perez’s Cry Havoc premieres on demand May 5 from Midnight Releasing.”

So, you ready for this trailer or what?

As was mentioned above – this one hits VOD on May 5th so – look for it!

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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