Steel Panther Releases New Single Sure To Become Your New Daily Anthem

You ever just have “one of those days”? Of course you have – what a freaking stupid question but today I bring you some new Steel Panther that you can crank up when you just need to unwind and scream F#@K EVERYBODY!

Have to warn you – this some is very explicit but – if you’re a fan of Steel Panther, you wouldn’t expect anything less. Have a listen – then we’ll discuss the bands new album on the other side.

The bands new album Heavy Metal Rules is out now – and it is chalk full of hair band, guitar wailing, profanity filled goodness. For the uninitiated – here’s a little background on the these throw back rockers from LA.

Steel Panther was formed in 2000 and is comprised of Michael Starr (lead singer), Satchel (guitarist), Lexxi Foxx (bass) and Stix Zadinia (drums). Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon with four full-length albums, touring across the world, platinum-level You Tube status and high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, and FOX NFL Sunday.

Rolling Stone avowed, “There’s a reason Steel Panther have transcended their origins as a cover band playing the Sunset Strip,” while Metal Sucks declared, Steel Panther’s concept is genius…their songwriting is…preposterously snappy – and relatable.”

To grab your copy of their latest – you just have to CLICK HERE.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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