Flanagan + Aja + Speilberg = Hell Ya!

Three modern giants of the genre – Mike Flanagan, Alexandra Aja and Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin are all joining forces to bring horror fans what has got to be – one of the coolest projects ever to grace the genre.

An, as of this moment, unnamed project is in the works and should it see fruition, could end up being one of the most awesome things ever! It will be an “interactive active” film – a choose your own path film – where viewers will be able to effect the outcome of events through the choices they make along the way. It’s been done before – but never with this caliber of talent spearheading it.

The interesting thing is – this is being planned as a theatrical experience which will make use of some kick-ass technology that as Collider reports – “empowers filmmakers to create a branched narrative, interactive feature films that allow audiences to influence the storyline. Using an app on their cell phones, audience members will be able to vote in the theater to decide what characters will do at pivotal points in the narrative, meaning that Aja’s film will have a different plot, ending and even running time depending on the audience’s choices.”

How freaking cool is that! Aja has signed on to direct – Flanagan will be involved in the story process and of course, Spielberg is the mastermind behind Amblin. This is some “next level” stuff and promises to be awesome! Much more as this one moves along.

Source: Collider

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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