Lacuna Coil Storm the Big Apple with Two Sold-Out Shows

Last year on January 19th, Lacuna Coil gave fans a special 20 year anniversary concert in London. During their performance, they announced a DVD release of the 119 Show. After the success of the metal band’s performance and concert DVD, Lacuna Coil toured with this special show in Europe and came here to the states in New York for it as well.

The Italian Goth-Fathers of metal have taken the Big Apple by storm with not only one but two sold-out shows at the Gramercy Theatre! Both dates of July 22nd and 23rd held something unique in store for Coiler’s anticipating this show. As I took in the intimate surroundings of The Gramercy Theatre, fans were lined up for the meet and greet.

Whitney with Lacuna Coil – photo by Joey Lettieri

A small gallery displayed of Lacuna Coil’s previous album images and promo artworks from 1998 up until now. Seeing that display, nostalgia set in immediately as I was excited to hear some of their older songs from these albums.

Coilers aren’t just fans, there’s a sense of community among them as some meet up for annual gigs. I’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by that community that night. Coilers were from all ages as I’ve heard those who were experiencing the band for the first time as well others who have seen and met them countless times. And then there’s me… I haven’t seen these guys live since their Karmacode tour and that was back in 2007 and 2008!

photo by Joey Lettieri

Taking their time with fans, Lacuna Coil shared and connected with many including myself. I couldn’t help but to thank them all for each time they’ve noticed my art and makeups I’ve posted online of them as they’ve inspired me. I was delighted to hear that some of them recognized me. In between hugs and handshakes, quite a bit was said. However, before I left them, with glee Cristina Scabbia exclaimed, “Tag us in anything so that we will see it!” That made my heart smile.

From forms of inspiration, good times and the bad, Lacuna Coil has been a huge part of my life. Some say don’t meet your heroes, but this band is so personal for many and I encourage any Lacuna Coil fan to greet them when given the chance. On social media such as Instagram, these guys share and show appreciation for the coiler community as they engage. It’s really nice and humbling when beloved musicians take the time for those who have helped them mold into what they are.

photo by Joey Lettieri

Speaking of molding, the tone shifted and boomed as the Mediterranean medley of ‘A Current Obsession’ began when Lacuna Coil took the stage. If anyone watched their 119 Show from London, the lighting was similar. From the harsh burnt umbers and reds flashing, coinciding with the excitement of heavy songs such as ‘Delirium’ to their major hit ‘Heaven’s a Lie;’which that one, of course, Cristina and Andrea made sure to have the audience sing along to. Once the atmosphere fell somber so did the lights, as blues and velvets stretched with moving tracks such as ‘One Cold Day,’ ‘Soul into Hades’, and of course ‘Enjoy the Silence.’

The show was loud, full of energy and for a life-long fan it didn’t disappoint as they played a song or two from most albums. Fans from the days of In A Reverie, Unleashed Memories up until now with Delirium, the music was there for all. From shadowing to gleaming, theatrical makeups in the lights were also a show of each band member’s stage identity. The art was there from all members from Maki the bass player’s brooding captain Spaulding inspired look, to a battery of the band, Ryan’s Classic skull makeup as well as Diego’s Eric-Draven-esque style. Cristina’s witchy little bomb of light harmonized with Andrea’s airy darkness through-out the band’s high-energy show until it was time to wrap up with the anthem, ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way!’

“We have come too far, to give up who we are,” were the lyrics of that final song that echoed within me. Each fan can take that song on a personal level. I can see it as a reflection of Lacuna Coil most especially because they’ve truly evolved. This Gothic metal band has been able to play with themes and styles to shape each and every album. Personally, I believe they just keep getting better.

With the 119 Show coming to a close for Lacuna Coil, they’re embarking on a new album and tour this fall. Lacuna Coil recently dropped their heaviest song yet, ‘ Layers of Time.’ The music video is available on YouTube! The band delivered what they promised, it’s darker. Andrea hones his voice at its deepest of growls as Cristina yet again lights it up with her beautiful voice. Black Anima is the title of the upcoming album which is set to release this October and I can hardly wait for it.

Whitney Collazo