Scream Team Releasing Announces First Wave of New Blu-Rays

The Grue-Crew love our friends at Scream Team Releasing. We’re huge fans of a number of their titles: The Barn, Bong of the Living Dead, and 10/31 – to name just a few. We’ve just received exciting news about their 2019 wave of Blu-ray releases which include Close Calls, Cherokee Creek, and Murder Made Easy. Each film they release is created by filmmakers with a true passion for the genre. Check out the press release below and make your plans today!

Scream Team Releasing is proud to announce their first wave of releases of 2019. Films with a mix of 80s homage of drug-induced nightmares, a super raunchy Bigfoot fest and a friendly dinner-party-gone-murderous, there’s something to please every horror fans taste at Scream Team Releasing.

Director Richard Stringham’s ’80s Giallo inspired psychedelic film Close Calls is hot off a successful festival run and is now available on DVD and Blu-ray!

“Being grounded is nothing new for Morgan. With the house to herself, a fridge full of food, and a box of drugs stashed in her closet, it’s ‘party time’ as usual for this spoiled teen brat. All she has to do is tend to her sick grandma when her father leaves. But then… the phone rings. Will Morgan survive this night of terror?”

The Special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is packed with extras including Audio Commentaries, Gag Reel, Feature Length Behind the Scenes Documentary, Trailers, Reversible artwork and more.

See the film that was banned from AMAZON. Director Todd Jenkins’ 80’s style raunchy horror comedy Cherokee Creek.

A bachelor party in the woods turns deadly when the ultimate party animal Bigfoot shows up and crashes it. Equal parts vulgar, gore and dark comedy Cherokee Creek is a can’t miss tale of debauchery and Sasquatchian horror!

The Special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is packed with extras including Audio Commentaries, Gag Reel, Commercials, Trailers, Reversible artwork and more.

After winning multiple genre fests, director David Palamaro’s murder mystery thriller Murder Made Easy is now on Blu-ray!

“Best pals Joan and Michael host an elaborate dinner party for their closest friends on the anniversary of the death of Joan’s husband. But as each guest arrives they find their very lives are on the menu to protect a secret that links them all.”

The Special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is packed with extras including Audio Commentaries, Gag Reel, Rehearsal Scenes, Trailers, Reversible artwork and more.

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