Pennsylvania Rockers ‘Small Town Titans’ Return With An Epic Cover Of ‘Hunger Strike’

If you have not yet heard of Small Town Titans – I’m about to change that issue for you right now. Hailing from York PA – these guys have a sound like no other and they’ve made a bit of a name for themselves with a series of covers that have really gotten the ears of metal fans. First time I heard of them was around the holiday season when they released that fantastic metal version of The Grinch but this new release kicks it up several notches.

Teaming up with Matt James – the front man for the up and comers BlackTop Mojo – they’ve put together a cover of the classic Temple Of The Dog track Hunger Strike. Put your earbuds in – crank it up and check this out!

Those two dudes can F’n sing! Here’s what Small Town Titans frontman Phil Freeman had to say about this kick-ass collaboration:

“The stars aligned with this one. The fact that we were all able to pay tribute to our musical heroes, and record it live off the floor in one of the best studios in the country with two of the best producers in the world is something I think both of our bands can be proud of. We’re really grateful to Matt and Blacktop Mojo for lending their name and talents to this tribute. It was a magical experience.”

Go ahead, play it again – I know you want too!

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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