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On this week’s podcast Joe, Justin, Zane, and Mike welcome the superbly talented actress/writer/director/producer Rakefet Abergel. Even if you don’t recognize the name you will likely recognize her from such films as “Superbad”, “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Just Go With It”. Rakefet also has been on some TV shows including “Shameless” and for you young ones that grew up watching Disney (don’t be shy we know you did), she was on “Zeke and Luther” and “iCarly”. All those are great but what you should really get to know Abergel from are her own films including her short films “Jax In Love” and the highly anticipated upcoming “Boo”

Rakefet just wants some reciprocation in a scene from “Jax In Love”

Rakefet talks about what it was like writing, producing and staring in her own film. “Jax” was on the film festival circuit in 2017 and 2018 and won several awards which were well deserved. Joe talks about seeing “Jax” at GenreBlast last year and his biggest take away was Abergel’s acting.

“Jax In Love” film poster

Rakefet gets into her much anticipated upcoming short “Boo” which will be hitting the film festival circuit in 2019. Besides writing and acting in “Boo” Rakefet takes on the directing as well and speaks about how difficult that can be.

“Boo” film poster

Working in Hollywood has its share of thrills and let downs. Rakefet talks about the people she was star struck with and the actors that she was disappointed in and yes as always on Indie Infestation, we name names! Rakefet also talks about parties at Set Rogan’s house with Quentin Tarantino.

Rakefet and prosthetic nose with Adam Sandler on set of “Just Go With It”

If you have not checked out “Jax In Love” yet, seek it out and give it a watch and be alert for the upcoming “Boo” screening at a film fest near you. As always the boys were in form this week as Joe speaks about his upcoming surgery, Justin pushes his new culinary product, Zane counts brush strokes and Mike joins the fray again. The guys will be at some upcoming cons in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey and will also be attending some film festivals including Genre Blast where they will again be sponsoring the award for the Best Feature and doing some live interviews so come on out and say hi. Also you can pick up the latest Indie Infestation design on your choice of shirt from Dan Kiely (oh you all know Dan from “Bong of the Living Dead”) at his threadless shop at Now it’s time to pump the volume up to eleven and let the magnificent tones of the Infestation consume you!

The boys of Indie Infestation designed by Dan Kiely

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