Speaking Volumes with PJ and Eric

Oh yes in the boys of the Infestation are back with two guests linked to the “Volumes of Blood” films. Writer/director/producer PJ Starks and producer Eric Huskisson join Joe, Justin, Zane and Mike as they push to make tis franchise a trilogy.

“Volumes of Blood” film poster

During the filming of the first “Volumes” the guys were able to get the film done for $6000. As always you want to step it up for the next film as the quality and quantity of kills increases so does the cost of making the project happen.

“Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories” film poster

With the success of the first two volumes PJ and Eric have decided to venture into another to round out the Trilogy with “Volumes of Blood: Devil’s Knight”. The guys have found it a struggle to get crowd funding for this one and discuss with the guys why this route may have jumped the shark.

Concept art for “Volumes of Blood: Devil’s Knight”

Along with the crowd funding musings PJ talks about why it’s tough to get certain lines in a film and tells who the new directors are as well as some segment reveals. Justin pushes a new shaving cream, Joe reveals the original name for the podcast, Zane combs his hair and Mike reveals his love for wearing lingerie! This is a fun episode indeed, but hey that’s par for the course so click the play button and allow the Infestation to consume you!

Eric and PJ

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