Hollywood Vampires Release New Song – Announce New Album – ‘Rise’

Since the band’s debut in 2015 – Hollywood Vampires have made some serious noise on the metal scene. Makes sense seeing that three of the United States biggest stars form the band. Being fronted by Alice Cooper, having Joe Perry handling lead guitar duties and rhythm guitar duties handled by none other than film legend Johnny Depp – one would expect great things and – we get them.

It’s been a few years but the band has put together a new album this one titled Rise.

Before we talk about the album though – let’s have a listen to the first release shall we. Here’s Who’s Laughing Now

The new album will feature 16 tracks – here’s what Joe Perry had to say about the effort:

“The record showcases everyone doing what they do best without anyone looking over our shoulders, there was no pressure or deadlines, allowing us to write and record an album that is one of the freest and most honest sounding records I’ve been part of. I can’t wait to perform some of these tunes live for our fans.”

Here’s the track listing:

  1. “I Want My Now”
  2. “Good People Are Hard to Find”
  3. “Who’s Laughing Now”
  4. “How the Glass Fell”
  5. “The Boogieman Surprise”
  6. “Welcome to Bushwackers” (feat. Jeff Beck + John Waters)
  7. “The Wrong Bandage”
  8. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory”
  9. “Git From Round Me”
  10. “Heroes”
  11. “A Pitiful Beauty”
  12. “New Threat”
  13. “Mr. Spider”
  14. “We Gotta Rise”
  15. “People Who Died”
  16. “Congratulations”

June 21st is when you’ll be able to pick this bad boy up – I would get ready to have it in heavy rotation.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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