The Inaugural Gruesome Magazine Horror Movie Awards – Most Captivating, Innovative, Terrifying, Ferocious, and Horrifying Moments of the Year

Welcome to the inaugural Gruesome Magazine Horror Movie Awards, celebrating the best and most insane moments in the genre for 2018. The Grue-Crew have collected their nominations for 22 categories with six nominations for each with the exception of Best Film (10), Best Film Festival, and Best Horror Convention.

In addition to the always present “Best Of” categories, the Grue-Crew are introducing a number of “Most” categories singling out some of the creative corners of the genre. The most prominent and arguably prestigious award is the MOST WHAT-THE-FUCKULUS MOMENT award – or as we like to call it, THE BLACK SAINT AWARD. Others include MOST CAPTIVATING DECAPITATION, MOST GHASTLY CREATURE, and MOST GRUESOME DEATH.

Each day this week, Gruesome Magazine will unveil another round of categories. Today’s grouping is as follows, cast your vote at the bottom of the post! NOTE: Some of these categories do contain spoilers.


One of the head-spinning themes of the year was the number of decapitations presented in horror films. To be fair, this method of dispatch may be a genre staple, but that won’t stop us from celebrating this visceral scare. Here are the nominations for Most Captivating Decapitation: Anna and the Apocalypse – Frosty the Zombie Snow Man, Halloween – Cop-a-Lantern, Hereditary – Charlie meet pole and pole meet Charlie, Leprechaun Returns – Death by Drone, May the Devil Take You – Ruben Blows His Top, Terrifier – Exterminate the Exterminator.


This year was special for the number of inventive weapons and instruments utilized by monsters and heroes alike. From the simplicity of Jason’s machete to the splendor of Freddy’s glove, these on-screen tools of death and dismemberment have been a highlight of many a horror film. Here are the nominations for 2018: Anna and the Apocalypse – Candy Cane Zombie Smasher, Apostle – The Heathen’s Stand, Leprechaun Returns – The Sprinklers, Mandy – Red’s Custom Battle Ax, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich – Toulon’s Puppets, You Might Be the Killer – Sam’s Bone Blade.


Ah! The terror of traveling. In the past, we’ve seen glorious monster vehicles from Christine, The Car, Duel, and Maximum Overdrive. This year gave us a number of vehicular violence to choose from. Here are the nominations for Most Terrifying Transportation: Ash vs Evil Dead – Ash’s Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1973) – Post Apocalyptic Version, The Cloverfield Paradox – Cloverfield Station, The Haunting of Hill House – The Bent-Neck Lady’s Thrill Ride, The Meg – The Water Walking Ball of Doom, Strangers: Prey at Night – The Strangers’ Truck on Fire, The Toy Box – The Killer RV.


While the term came to life in the Slasher hay-day of the Eighties, there’s always been…the final girl. The one that survives, the one that turns the table on the terrifying threat chasing after her. This past year was no different; in fact, the number of candidates was overwhelming. With the internal arguments and fistfights finally over, here are the nominations for The Most Ferocious Final Girl: Leprechaun Returns – Lila (Taylor Spreitler), May the Devil Take You – Alfie (Chelsea Islan), The Ranger – Chelsea (Chloe Levine), Revenge – Jennifer (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz), Terrifier – Tara (Jenna Kanell), What Keeps You Alive – Jules (Brittany Allen) .


Most every good monster has a kick-ass joint to hang out, certainly. History has provided the Bate’s Motel, Dracula’s Castle, The Amityville House, and many more. This year had haunted houses, monster caves, and demented domiciles aplenty. Here are the nominations for The Most Horrifying Abode: The Haunting of Hill House – Hill House, The House With a Clock In Its Walls – The Izard Mansion, Insidious: The Final Key – The Rainer Home, The Nun – Saint Cartha’s Monastery, Winchester – The Winchester Mansion, The Witch in the Window – Lydia’s Farmhouse.

Doc Rotten
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