The Inaugural Gruesome Magazine Horror Movie Awards – Best Film – Best Director – Best Actors

Welcome to the inaugural Gruesome Magazine Horror Movie Awards, celebrating the best and most insane moments in the genre for 2018. The Grue-Crew have collected their nominations for 22 categories with six nominations for each with the exception of Best Film (10), Best Film Festival, and Best Horror Convention.

In addition to the always present “Best Of” categories, the Grue-Crew are introducing a number of “Most” categories singling out some of the creative corners of the genre. The most prominent and arguably prestigious award is the MOST WHAT-THE-FUCKULUS MOMENT award – or as we like to call it, THE BLACK SAINT AWARD. Others include MOST CAPTIVATING DECAPITATION, MOST GHASTLY CREATURE, and MOST GRUESOME DEATH.

Each day this week, Gruesome Magazine will unveil another round of categories. Today’s grouping is as follows, cast your vote at the bottom of the post!


The number of great films this year is sick. While the year had its share of stinkers, there were far more terrific, terrifying, and gory gems throughout the year. The Grue-Crew had trouble narrowing it down to 6 so we bumped the BEST HORROR FILM up to 10. Even that seemed too low a number. Here are the ten horror films that made the cut: A Quiet Place, Anna and the Apocalypse, The Endless, Halloween, Hereditary, Mandy, Overlord, Revenge, The Ritual, and Suspiria.


Most every director on the list is somewhat new to the genre. Four of them are presenting their first horror film. Another slides deeper into the genre with a colorful twist on terror. And the last is an Asian director overdue his recognition. Here are the nominations for Best Director: John Krasinski – A Quiet Place, Ari Aster – Hereditary, Timo Tjahjanto – May the Devil Take You, Panos Cosmotos – Mandy, Julius Avery – Overlord, Coralie Fargeat – Revenge.


2018 has some stand out performances in the Best Lead Actor category. A number of well-known names and faces, a newcomer, and a character actor who may have “out-Tom-Hardy-ied” Tom Hardy. Here are the nominations: John Krasinski – A Quiet Place, Dan Stevens – Apostle, Martin Freeman – Cargo, Nicolas Cage – Mandy, Jovan Adepo – Overlord, Logan Marshall-Green – Upgrade.


This past year has some of the most riveting and emotional performances in horror of any given year. Cutting it down to only six nominations is almost criminal. Seriously, an unedited list is double or more. Here are the nominations for Best Lead Actress: Emily Blunt – A Quiet Place, Madeline Brewer – CAM, Toni Collette – Hereditary, Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween, Matilda Anna Ingred Lutz – Revenge, Brittany Allen — What Keeps You Alive.


Every horror film needs its supporting cast. This years shows off the cult leader, the hidden serial killer, the bizarre vampire, the gruff hero, the slimy grease-ball, and the hapless would-be thief. Here are the nominations for Best Supporting Actor: Michael Sheen – Apostle, Dylan McDermott — The Clovehitch Killer, Corey Feldman – Corbin Nash, Wyatt Russell – Overlord, Vincent Columbe – Revenge, Anton Yelchin – Thoroughbreds.


This year was the year of women in horror. In every position in the field higher recognition grew. Much like Best Actress, the Best Supporting Actress category was overfull with deserving candidates to be nominated. Up until the very last minute, the list was always shifting. But the Grue-Crew did eventually settle. Here are the nominations: Millicent Simmonds – A Quiet Place, Milly Shapiro – Hereditary, Andrea Risenborough – Mandy, Tilda Swinton – Suspiria, Anya Taylor-Joy – Thoroughbreds, Hannah Emily Anderson — What Keeps You Alive.


Horror on television has never been this prolific. The genre is everywhere, on every channel from Halloween specials to gruesome TV series to crimson splatter cooking shows. Leading the pack are the following shows:
Ash vs Evil Dead, Castlevania, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Haunting of Hill House, The Terror, The Walking Dead

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