When Business Is Good, You Need A ‘Killer Assistant’

Just got word on a new horror short heading into production – and there is an opportunity to be part of the action. Coming at us from director, writer C. Michael Whaley – get ready for Killer Assistant.

From the press release:

“Turn A Phrase Films is proud to announce the production of Killer Assistant , a Comedy Horror Mockumentary starring Gunner Willis, Elizabeth Mears, and Jaysen Buterin , and directed by C. Michael Whaley.
Killer Assistant is a horror/comedy Mockumentary. Have you ever wondered what makes movie killers so damn good at killing? We wondered the same thing. So we decided to take a look into the unsung heroes that make movie killers great, their personal assistants.

Gunner Willis stars in this movie, as a follow-up to his award winning performance in the smash-hit Livescream . Jaysen Buterin also stars in this as a follow up to his fantastic performance in Sam Kolesnik’s Mama’s Boy . While Elizabeth Mears also follows her breakout role in Tommy Faircloth’s film Dollface and Family Possessions . They all bring a special element to the story being told in Killer Assistant.”

This little video helps explain things a bit as well:

As mentioned   –   an Indiegogo campaign is under way – CLICK HERE and claim your perk. This one sounds like a ton of fun!

Check out the pretty sweet teaser art -thanks to artist Lindsay Hibbard. Good stuff all the way around!



Dave Dreher
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