[Podcast] Gettin’ Found with the Bad Man Scott Schirmer

This week Joe and Zane are found by writer/director Scott Schirmer.   The guys discuss Scott’s films including Joe’s personal favorite “Found”, Zane’s favorite “Plank Face”, “Headless”, “Harvest Lake” and the forthcoming “The Bad Man”.

Scott with the poster for “Found”

Scott reveals the source for the film “Found” which was actually a self published novel he stumbled upon written by  Todd Rigney.   Scott sought out Todd’s permission to make the film.   This film lead way to the brutal “Headless” which is based off of a film being viewed in “Found”.

“Headless” poster

Scott and the guys get down and dirty and talk about the ugly side of Indie horror.   Speaking of down and dirty, Zane shares his fantasy of wanting to be Plank Face and the fact that he would not need to be forced to take the position.

Scene from “Plank Face”

Scott lets the boys in on some secrets about his upcoming film “The Bad Man” and the toll it took on some of the actors.   Joe gushes like a giddy school boy, Zane makes his pitch to play Plank Face in part 2 and Justin sends in his sponsorship for his new venture.   Get your popcorn crank up your speakers and let the Infestation consume you!

Scott and crew on the set of “The Bad Man”

JJ Fitt
Joe lives in the coal region of Northeastern PA with his beautiful wife Mary and their French Bulldogs Watson and Xander. He's a huge fan of all things horror and can't explain why especially since he was afraid of everything as a kid. He co-hosts the Indie Infestation podcast which gives a platform for those involved in the indie horror scene to get their name and projects out there. When he's not working he is usually watching the latest horror movie or show, at the gym with his wife or taking in a sporting event, Eagles! His all time favorite horror movie is the original Halloween, still effective to this day. Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or drop an email, let him know what's awesome.