[Podcast] Hanging Poolside with Speedos and Drew

This week the fellas sip on some margaritas whilst donning their Snazzy Seaman Speedos as they chat up with Writer/Director/Producer/Actor Drew Marvick.   Drew’s “Pool Party Massacre” was a major hit on the Indie circuit in 2017 and into 2018 and deservedly so.   Everything right down to the VHS video store artwork for the poster screams AWESOME!

Pool Party Massacre poster, art by Marc Schoenbach

As the guys dipped their toes in the reddened water of the shallow end Drew talked about the badge of honor it was to be banned from ASDA, the Walmart of England due to the artwork on the DVD.   Something like this, especially in the horror industry actual increases curiosity and popularizes the film.   “Pool Party Massacre” definitely has it’s place in 80’s genre style horror and deservedly so.   A favorite descriptive quote about the film is: “Slumber Party Massacre meets Mean Girls”.

The lovely cast of Pool Party Massacre

Drew is multi-talented and wears a lot of hats; the best thing about him is he has fun with everything he does, even his family photos.

Drew and family

Drew actually started out in acting and still does it from time to time whether it is a pizza guy in a commercial, a zombie or as a redneck hockey fan in “Another Wolf Cop”; Drew does it all!

Drew and Brittany Allen on the set of “It Stains the Sands Red”


Drew on the set of “Another Wolf Cop”

The bottom line is Drew does a lot of things and does the well.   So grab your Speedo of choice (preferably a Seaman brand), your flip flops, shades and sun tan lotion; lay out by your favorite pool and crank up the speakers and let the Infestation consume you!

Drew making things happen

JJ Fitt
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