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This week, the Grue-Crew check out some artificial intelligence, head into the forest to  search for a missing person, and follow Father Riley to  an Irish home for ‘fallen women’. Yup, we’re doomed. First up is the anthology feature A.I. Tales  from directors Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert, Amir Reichart, and Vitaly Verlov. The second film,  Calibre  from director Matt Palmer, features a pair of terrific performances from Jack Lowden and Martin McCann. Rounding out the show is the found footage film  The Devil’s Doorway  from director Aislinn Clarke featuring a suspenseful  blend of supernatural and demon possession. The hunt is on for the diamond in the rough. Doc Rotten from Horror News Radio and Jeff Mohr from Decades of Horror: The Classic Era are joined by Rafe Telsch and Vanessa Thompson.  

Gruesome Magazine Podcast – Episode 028
The Devil’s Doorway – Calibre – A.I. Tales


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A.I. Tales

Titles include SEED by Nelson Lee, IN/FINITE by Kristen Hilkert, PHOENIX 9 by Amir Reichart and REDUX by Vitaly Verlov.

Hewes Pictures is excited to announce the theatrical and digital release of A.I Tales on July 13. The theatrical season kicks off at the Black Box Theater in Los Angeles, July 13-19th. The VOD will be available via Amazon day-and-date.

“See this anthology! … I really enjoyed this. All of them are very strong! They all have great writing, great direction, great acting. All the characters are believable. All the situations they’re put in are believable.” – Vanessa

“I really enjoyed this gathering together of four short-form films and I don’t think there’s a weak one in the bunch. … I think they are all quite fantastic! ” – Rafe

“I thought they were all very well done in almost all aspects. … I think the phrase of the day is going to be ‘thought provoking.’” – Jeff

Director: Nelson Lee, Kristen Hikert, Amir Reichart, and Vitaly Verlov.
Cast: Pom Klementieff (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avengers”), Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight”), Neil Jackson (“Westworld”)

Calibre (Netflix)

Two lifelong friends head up to an isolated Scottish Highlands village for a weekend hunting trip. Nothing could prepare them for what follows.

Calibre is currently playing on Netflix (US) beginning June 29, 2018.

“(Calibre) is suspense at its finest.” – Rafe

“(Calibre has) a lot of tension, a lot of skin-crawling scenes, and excellent acting, a very well thought out, well-made film. You should check it out!” – Jeff

“Your knuckles are white, wondering what is going to happen and what does happen is, I think, equally horrific. I was really caught up in this!” – Doc

Director: Matt Palmer
Cast: Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, Tony Curran

The Devil’s Doorway (IFC)

In the fall of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for ‘fallen women’, only to uncover something much more horrific.

THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY opens in select theaters and on all VOD platforms   Friday, July 13, 2018, from IFC Midnight.

“I should expect that IFC Midnight is always going to put out quality work and they really did this time. … I’ve never seen a found footage film that I have enjoyed the way I enjoyed this one.” – Vanessa

“I had some serious jumpscares, and they weren’t the cat-jumps-out kind of jumpscares, they were scared-the-crap-out-of-me jumpscares and some really good hair-raising kinds of things.” – Jeff

“What’s really impressive about it is the character and the attention to the characters which I think is part of the (direction). It’s handled much differently than other found footage films.” – Doc

Director: Aislinn Clarke
Cast: Lalor Roddy, Ciaran Flynn, Helena Bereen

Doc Rotten
Editor-In-Chief / Founder / Podcast Producer at Horror News Radio
Doc Rotten is the founder of Gruesome Magazine. He is also a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and the podcast host & producer for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast and Hannibal Fan Podcast. He is also co-host of the Dracula podcast on TV TALK and is a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior.

Doc a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist. Still a huge fan of horror films from the 70s, Doc continues consuming horror films to this day for the site, for the podcasts and for the fun of it all.