[Podcast] Making Effects with Joe Castro

This week on the podcast Joe and Zane welcome back Justin from his one man tap show; his legs were tired but having special effects wizard Joe Castro, as this week’s guest made everything all better.

Joe Castro

Joe Castro began his effects career at the ripe age of 15 after winning a special effects makeup contest in Monsterland Magazine.   Joe reveals the film the lead him to do what he does was the 1971 classic Godzilla vs Hedorah (the smog monster).

Joe working his craft

Joe lets the guys in on his secret to makeup as Justin takes notes and the Thug reveals Zane’s affinity for Mabelline.   Joe gives a ton of credit for his career and blood formula to the late great Herschell Gordon Lewis known as “the godfather of gore”.   Joe also gives a lot of credit to the great Tom Savini who he had spent hours with talking to and learning tricks of the trade.

Joe and Herschell on the set of “Blood Feast 2”

This is one podcast that should have been video-casted as Joe gave the guys a tour of his effects “lab” showing off props from some past and upcoming films.   The guys also discuss the scene that was re-worked in the original “Poltergeist” to give it a PG rating instead of a PG 13 rating.   One other fascinating story is Joe’s time spent on “Face Off” and the truth behind it’s claim as a reality show as well as the documentary he mad about the experience entitled “Frankenfake”.   Joe also like to do his own costumes at Halloween and reveals less is more. Get your buckets of fake blood, douse yourself in it and let the infestation consume you!

Happy Halloween from Joe at the Hollywood Halloween Parade

JJ Fitt
Joe lives in the coal region of Northeastern PA with his beautiful wife Mary and their French Bulldogs Watson and Xander. He's a huge fan of all things horror and can't explain why especially since he was afraid of everything as a kid. He co-hosts the Indie Infestation podcast which gives a platform for those involved in the indie horror scene to get their name and projects out there. When he's not working he is usually watching the latest horror movie or show, at the gym with his wife or taking in a sporting event, Eagles! His all time favorite horror movie is the original Halloween, still effective to this day. Hit him up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or drop an email, let him know what's awesome.