[Podcast] Clowning Around With David, A Study of Art

On this week’s episode of Indie Infestation the guys welcome David Howard Thorton.   David’s portrayal of Art the Clown in the Indie hit film “Terrifier” has put him on the map in the horror community.   David had some big shoes to fill (literally and figuratively) when he took over the role of Art and boy did he fill them.

David as Art the Clown carrying around his sack of treats

The guys also discuss other characters David has played, especially his role as the Joker in the online series of “Nightwing:Escalation” which is currently in its third season.   David gives his opinion on the Jokers of the past and present and unveils who the ideal Joker is.   Much to Joe’s chagrin, the “Blumhouse version” of the Joker is examined.

David as the Joker on “Nightwing:Escalation”

Another fascinating thing about David is the many voices he does and does well.   If you want a treat go on over to YouTube and watch a video he made a few years ago titled “110 Impressions in 9 Minutes”.   David even breaks into what Art the clown would be if played by Don Knotts and Paul Lynde.

David posing next to his “handy work”

We also learn this week that Justin not only performs contracting work but also does stunt work; sometimes he even combines the two.   We also learn that we will be seeing David as Art again in the near future!   So sit back, kick up your size 20 clown shoes and get ready as Justin plugs in his guitar to “Back to the Future” you as the infestation consumes you!

David as Art is always happy to do fan selfies (she pays later)

JJ Fitt
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