John Lithgow Joins The Cast Of The ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake

A few months back – when we first caught wind that a remake of Pet Sematary was on the radar, we discussed it at some length on that week’s episode of Horror News Radio. I mentioned in that conversation that for me the success of this remake would rest squarely on the decision they made when it came to the casting of Jud Crandall.   Yes, for me Fred Gwynne was that iconic in that role.

Much like how the success of the IT remake relied on Pennywise being properly recast – this one faces the same hurdle.   They just took a giant stride in the right direction – in this horror fans humble opinion.

John Lithgow has signed on to take that challenge and it is some of the best casting news I’ve ever been able to report to you.

We’re looking at an April 2019 release date on this one and its one that I am now officially excited for.

Lithgow turned in one of the best horror inspired performances I’ve ever viewed when he portrayed the Trinity Killer on Dexter a while back and I’m excited as hell at the thought of him once again being front and center in a high profile horror project.   Let’s do this sucker!

John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell (Season 4, episode 8) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime – Photo ID: dexter_408_0787

Dave Dreher
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