[Podcast] Getting Amazon Hot Boxed with Brian Williams and James Bickert – Episode 2 – Indie Infestation

This week on Indie Infestation, The Thug, Justin, and Zane are joined by directors Brian Williams and James Bickert to discuss the unique release of their upcoming film Amazon Hot Box. Brian and James decided to go a different route with this campaign. Since the film is already a finished product, they are now releasing in a Kickstarter campaign  within different perk levels.

The guys get into what shock value is nowadays, locations, pepper porn, and what the heck a “Hinkle Hockle” is. With the “Me Too” movement, the guys discuss what that means with making and releasing “Women In Prison” films in this day and age.

Brian and James are avid supporters of the indie industry hence the reason they have gotten into it. The feeling is that if you want to remake something, one shouldn’t waste their time as that defeats the whole idea of being “Independent”. The indie scene is for writers, directors, and crews to express their ideas and be true themselves. The guys believe if you are true to yourself, your ideas and visions will be better received even if that means alienating yourself from some potential viewers.

If you know anything about their films and have developed a preconceived notion of what Brian and James may be like, you are probably right.   Full of laughs, the interview is a blast. James and Brian are the types of guys you want to sit down with, grab some cold ones, and just let the conversation unwind itself with the guarantee of never being bored. Check out the podcast, then head on over to Kickstarter to get your very own copy of Amazon Hot Box, along with some pretty unique perks. So put on your headphones, kick back, and get ready for an interview with some great filmmakers!

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