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“It ate him… bit off his head… like a gingerbread man!” Dr. Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) is mystified by the powers of creatures coming from The Resonator in  From Beyond. The second HP Lovecraft adaptation from writer/director Stuart Gordon didn’t blow up cult audiences nearly as much as  Re-Animator  upon its initial release. Yet, this feature adaptation is far closer to Lovecraft than most other versions of his stories out there. It’s a bizarre, disorienting and – above all – goopy take on the legendary sci-fi/horror author. One that’s clamoring for a dissection right here on Decades of Horror 1980s!

Decades of Horror 1980s
Episode 129 — From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond  did not ignite much attention when originally released. Shocker that a sci-fi horror story of BDSM, goopy mutation and body unraveling wasn’t a mainstream hit. Yet, one can’t help but be charmed now by Dr. Katherine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) trying to find out about this gap between humanity & alternative dimension aliens. Dr. Edward Pretorius (Ted Sorel) comes into our realm to show her. Thought the good doctor may not want the type of experimentation Dr. Pretorious is showing off. Hopefully, the pineal glands stay inside foreheads this time.

Here to describe all the bizarre horror of  From Beyond  is Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, and Christopher G. Moore. Thomas starts off by giving the apt adjective of “goopy.” Doc has so much appreciation for the way Jeffrey Combs runs downstairs. Christopher takes a pause to mention how Lovecraftian this film is in comparison to  Re-Animator  and several other adaptations that followed. Unfortunately, Cthulhu doesn’t show up to emphasize all this horror. Instead, there’s plenty of goop to talk about! Just… make sure it doesn’t get on your shoes.

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1 thought on “[Podcast] From Beyond (1986) – Episode 129 – Decades of Horror 1980s

  1. I’m pretty excited for the Evil Dead review, my favorites of the Evil Dead series run like this: Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and then Evil Dead 2. Evil Dead is just a straight up HORROR movie and I think a lot of people forget that and group it in with the rest of the series and consider it dark horror comedy but if you actually watch the movie by itself its as horrific and bleak as just about anything out there. Evil Dead was so crazy for its time that it was one of the Video Nasties… today a lot of the stuff looks somewhat tame (though stuff like the pencil through the ankle always gets me… the tree rape scene gets played for laughs now but in that movie its actually like a serious thing despite the ludicrousness of the idea).

    Army of Darkness is just a perfect action comedy that is probably my most rewatched movie. Bruce Campbell really came into his own in that one and is one of my favorite cinema characters. There was actually a branch of comic where Ash stayed in medevil times instead of going back to his own time… I think it was done by Dark Horse? I read a couple issues when it came out and it was actually really good.

    Evil Dead 2 I actually hated for a while just because it felt so all over the place in terms of tone but I’ve grown to really love and appreciate the movie. They really do a great job with just making you HATE the characters who throw Ash in the cellar thinking he killed the family and wanting Ash to kick some ass. Also that scene where he goes insane with the house fucking with him is hands down my favorite Evil Dead scene in any of the movies.

    Keep up the good work guys, like I said I’m excited to hear what you guys have to say about the film and where you place it in the list of Evil Dead movies. Actually, I wanted to ask if you were going to rank Ash vs Evil Dead with the Evil Dead movies where would it land for you? Or is it too different a format to really rate it in the same way? Not to mention that Ash vs Evil Dead is very uneven sometimes with some really good episodes and some really bad…

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