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No, you didn’t read that number wrong.  Horror News Radio  is celebrating 250 episodes of scream-inducing, spine-tingling and point off trailing discussions! To celebrate, The Grue Crew are joined by Vanessa Thompson of the Gruesome Magazine Podcast  for a couple of movies that show the diversity of the show. There’s  Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a remake of the underrated George A. Romero zombie trilogy that… pretty much does the same thing with one crucial – and critically misguided – twist. Then, there’s the lost Mike Flanagan feature  Before I Wake which recently arrived on Netflix. More dark fantasy than horror, this is a bit more of a positive diamond in the rough. Dave Dreher takes on  Horror News of the Week  for an  Insidious/Sinister  crossover, a trailer for the 10th entry in the  Hellraiser  franchise and Critters coming to the small screen. Then, Thomas introduces a new game show segment to cap off this momentous occasion called  Phantom Factor.

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Episode 250 — Day of the Dead Bloodline — Before I Wake
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INTRO [00:00:41]


FEATURE REVIEW: Day of the Dead: Bloodline [00:28:28]

  • Day of the Dead: Bloodline  (2018)
  • director:  Hèctor Hernández Vicens
  • cast: Sophie Skelton, Johnathon Schaech (as Max), Marcus Vanco, Jeff Gum, Shari Watson


  • In February, we will be working with the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC to present THE MANITOU on the Big Screen in honor of Santos Ellin Jr. / the Black Saint. Anyone who can make it to the Festival the weekend of February 23 — 25, 2018. We will have more details as we get closer to the dates. Head over  here  to keep up with this event.

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING: Before I Wake [01:06:43]

  • Before I Wake
  • director: Mike Flanagan
  • cast:  Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay

SUPPORT HNR [01:47:25]

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  • Our New Game Show Segment In Which You the Listeners Forge Suggestions For The Grue Crew To Guess!
  • This week’s topic: Favorite Performance in a Horror Remake!

FEEDBACK [02:00:03]

  • Thanks to Tear Out the Heart and Victory Records for use of the song Undead Anthem for the intro and outro of the HNR podcast


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