Phantom Factor – A New Segment for Horror News Radio!

Grue Believers, with the passing of Santos Ellin Jr in 2017, we decided to retire  Stump The Saint  out of respect. Yet, along with dearly missing our departed friend, we also missed the weekly chance to get our fans involved on the show in a spirited competition of knowledge based in horror trivia. So, after putting our heads together and thinking for the past few months, we’ve crafted a new game show. One in which you – the listeners – forge… the  Phantom Factor! Here are the rules:

  1. I’ll put up a call to action post like this one announcing a topic.
  2. This topic (The  Phantom Factor, as it were)  will be based around a favorite horror/genre character, actor, director or even film.
  3. The listeners will post suggestions in the comments of social media or this very post.
  4. I will pick three suggestions from those listed.
  5. On Horror News Radio, I will have list three facts about each mysterious figure that the other Grue Crew members will try to guess. Each fact is in descending order of vagueness.
  6. Those who guess from the first fact – the vaguest one – will receive three points. Then two points at the second fact. One point at the final. If no one guesses by that point, no one receives any points

This Week’s Topic

For our 250th episode, the subject dejoure is  Day of the Dead: Bloodline. This is a remake of the underrated third entry in George A. Romero’s  Dead  series, in which a military offshoot struggles to study and fend off zombies. In honor of this second attempt at a remake, we’re going to ask for your Favorite Performance in a horror remake. Submit your answer in either the comments below or on any social media post for this film and you may hear your name called as we try to guess The  Phantom Factor.

Thomas Mariani
Thomas Mariani is a born geek, with a bit of nerd mixed in here & there. A native of the (less) swampy parts of Florida, Thomas has always been a fan of films, television & other sources of media ever since he was a child, having been raised on Jim Henson, Star Wars and the basic cable cartoons of the ’90s & ’00s.

Some of his favorite horror films include Evil Dead II, Poltergeist and An American Werewolf in London. He already has experience writing and podcasting about pop culture, which you can read/listen to on sites like, or even on twitter as @NotTheWhosTommy.