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In the annals of killer car movies, one film stands out – The Car (1977) from director Elliot Silverstein and screenwriters Dennis Shryack, Michael Butler, and Lane Slate. Sure, Killdozer is older (though, technically, that is about a killer bulldozer, not a car) and John Carpenter‘s version of Stephen King‘s Christine (1983) may be more well-known, but The Car outshines those other films in at least two ways – it is a lot more fun and it has James Brolin. Catching this gem with Westworld (1973) as part of a James Brolin double-feature from the Retro Films Series at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, North Carolina, Paul Cardullo joins Doc Rotten to discuss this funky and fun automotive killing machine. While maybe it is not the most well-constructed movie, find out why Paul describes The Car as one of the best Jaws (1975) rip-offs to come out in the wake of that film and why you should try and catch it on the big screen if possible.

The Car (1977) (3.5 / 5)

Paul Cardullo
Paul Cardullo is a North Carolina indy filmmaker and horror fan. His tastes range from art-house horror to low-budget schlock to indie gems to Slovenia killer hillbilly flicks. When not watching films, he helps make them. From actor to boom operator to doughnut wrangler, he makes himself useful wherever he can. Paul believes it is sometimes necessary to suffer for one’s art. He has endured being covered in [censored], having [censored] thrown at him, and spending over a year with muttonchops and a 70’s-style mustache. When not being abused for the sake of his craft, Paul works on computers and watches as many obscure (and not so obscure) movies as he can fit in.

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