Director Todd Sheets Goes Practical And Brings Werewolves To ‘Bonehill Road’

Indie horror legend – Todd Sheets – and yes, he deserves that legend moniker.   Any director that can manage to fund, film and release 25 films in about 30 years is a legend and Mr. Sheets manages to do just that with the upcoming release of Bonehill Road – an old school werewolf flick done entirely with practical effects.

Horror purists rejoice!   Todd also got a scream queen from the hey day of horror – Linnea Quigley is along for the battle with the beast.

Try as I might – I couldn’t find a synopsis for the flick but really – other then knowing it’s practical FX and stars Linnea   – what the hell else do you need to know?

Do have a trailer though and it’s pretty damn fine.


The film had its world premiere last month and actually entered the festival circuit just this weekend so – with a little luck, we should have some release info for this one sooner than later. Updates as they warrent.

Dave Dreher
Co-Founder / Lead News Reporter at Gruesome Magazine
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