[Film Festival] Close Calls (2017) – The Psychological Horror Film from Richard Stringham Is Set to Terrify Audiences at the New York City Horror Film Festival 2017

The New York City Horror Film Festival approaches quickly this week, beginning October 26, 2017, running through October 29, 2017. As you may know, Horror News Radio co-host and Gruesome Magazine contributor Santos Ellin, Jr. was a part of the festival committee and spoke about the festival often. We will be spotlighting a number of the films playing at the festival throughout the week. Up first is Close Calls (2017) from writer/director Richard Stringham. The films screens on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9:30 PM. Check out the trailer and synopsis below. Get your tickets today!


“Experience the terror in Morgan’s head. Pray she doesn’t pick up the phone … and end up dead.”

Close Calls features a troubled young girl (Morgan) who is forced to stay home and tend to her crazy grandma after being grounded by her father. But when daddy leaves for a dinner date, Morgan’s paranoia heightens as she starts receiving a series of disturbing phone calls while dealing with grandma. Between all the phone calls, the drugs she has taken, and surprise visits from some unexpected guests, Morgan now believes everyone around her is out to kill her. And to make matters worse … she keeps forgetting to give granny her meds.

This upcoming horror film from S & Drive Cinema was produced, written and directed by S & Drive’s founder, Richard Stringham, who started the indie production company in Sherwood, Arkansas. Vowing to make a retro horror piece that tipped its hat to genre heroes like Bava, Argento, Romero, Craven, Kubrick, and Lynch … Stringham self-funded the project, and assembled a local team of Arkansans to force Close Calls into existence, which included a few talented art department members from Jeff Nichols’ rural drama, “Mud”. The film, which is currently swimming around in the festival pool, will feature an original synth-driven score by Grammy winner, Rocky Gray (formerly of Evanescence, composer for “The Barn”), and special makeup effects by visual FX artist, Les Galusha (“Contracted”).

Close Calls stars a talented actor by the name of Greg Fallon (“LBJ”, “11.22.63”) as “Barry Cone”, and also introduces  us to a lovely leading lady named Jordan Phipps, who plays the tough, young heroine, “Morgan”. Phipps is an up-and-coming scream queen in the making. After seeing just her face in the ad campaigns and her strong performance in the “Close Calls trailer, several producers have contacted her for roles in other upcoming genre films, such as “10/31” and “Safe Place”.


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