Tables Turned: Doc Rotten Interviewed by Geeks and Ghosts Host Kenny Biddle

Members of the Grue-Crew had a fun time at Raleigh Supercon recently. It was great meeting so many folks, including old fans and new listeners. One of the cool people that they got to meet was Kenny Biddle of the Geeks & Ghosts YouTube channel. And this time, instead of Doc being the interviewer, he was the interviewee. Kenny interviewed Gruesome’s own Doc Rotten for Geeks & Ghosts’ report on the convention. They chatted about Gruesome Magazine, Horror News Radio, killer STDs, and zombie Jason. Take a look at Kenny’s report on Raleigh Supercon for Geeks & Ghosts. Doc pops up just past the 30-minute mark, but be sure to watch the whole report for a good taste of the fun at Raleigh Supercon. While you are there, check out of the Geeks & Ghosts channel and think about subscribing. East coast Kenny and his west coast partner Lou tackle topics ranging from science fiction to comics to movies to science to ghosts to Bigfoot and more.


Paul Cardullo
Paul Cardullo is a North Carolina indy filmmaker and horror fan. His tastes range from art-house horror to low-budget schlock to indie gems to Slovenia killer hillbilly flicks. When not watching films, he helps make them. From actor to boom operator to doughnut wrangler, he makes himself useful wherever he can. Paul believes it is sometimes necessary to suffer for one’s art. He has endured being covered in [censored], having [censored] thrown at him, and spending over a year with muttonchops and a 70’s-style mustache. When not being abused for the sake of his craft, Paul works on computers and watches as many obscure (and not so obscure) movies as he can fit in.