Like a Maniac . . . Cop: Catch a Double Feature of “Maniac Cop” 1 & 2 with Director Bill Lustig

Maniac Cop 1+2 Screening

What could be cooler than watching a double-feature of  Maniac Cop (1988) and  Maniac Cop 2 (1990) on the big screen? How about viewing them with the director William Lustig in person! If you find yourself in or around Columbus, Ohio on May 20, 2017, head on over to the Gateway Film Center  to catch a  Maniac Cop double-feature with an introduction and Q& A by director William Lustig.  Tickets are only $15 and can be ordered online. If you are planning to go, head over to the Facebook event page and RSVP. Showtime is 9:30 PM, but come early for the pre-party. In fact, come at 7 PM for the World Premier of Bandit Motion Pictures’s Space Babes from Outer Space.  

If you have not seen the  Maniac Cop films, you are in for a treat. Here is the trailer for the first film to get you in the mood:

In addition to being directed by the great  Mr.  Lustig, both films are written by the legendary  Larry Cohen  and feature a fantastic cast. Genre favorite Robert Z’Dar  has a ball in the title role. It is a bit of a “Battle of the Chins”, with Z’Dar’s iconic square jaw going up against the only chin in Hollywood strong enough to oppose him  Bruce Campbell. Other notable cast members include Tom Atkins, Richard  Roundtree, Claudia Christian, Clarence Williams III, and Charles Napier.  

Maniac Cop Double Feature
Robert Z’Dar in the title role

at Maniac Cop/Maniac Cop 2 double feature!

Columbus, Ohio’s Gateway Film Center has done it again. This time, GFC has talked the great Bill Lustig into visiting the film center to present their exclusive May 20, 9:30 p.m. double feature of the director’s most loved film, Maniac Cop, and its sequel, Maniac Cop 2.

Lustig is a horror icon, directing the Maniac Cop series, Vigilante, Uncle Sam and more. He also founded and runs the cult classic DVD distributor Blue Underground, a mainstay for horror fans looking to collect rare and underseen films.

Tickets are only $15 for the double feature, and Bill will be at the film center throughout the night, including a pre-party before showtime, a live introduction and Q&A for the films.


RSVP here:

Maniac Cop Poster
Maniac Cop: You have the right to remain silent . . . FOREVER.

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