Welcome New Additions to the Grue-Crew

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a number of new additions to the Grue-Crew. Over the past few months, we’ve added a good many new voices and talent to the  writing staff behind Gruesome Magazine, providing reviews, interviews, and intriguing articles about the genre we all love and hold dear, horror.

What started with the original Grue-Crew members, the co-hosts of Horror News Radio – THE BLACK SAINT, DAVE DREHER, THOMAS MARIANI, and VIXEN, the voice of reason, quickly grew as guest hosts became part of the family and helped form a new crew behind the Gruesome Magazine web site. The guest hosts that formed the first batch of GM contributors include JOSEPH PERRY, TJ FOWLER, BILL MULLIGAN, CHRISTOPHER G. MOORE, and JOSEPH J. FITTOS III. Each of them contributed to the beginning of this website and the evolution of the Gruesome Magazine stable of podcasts: Horror News Radio, Decades of Horror: 1970s, Decades of Horror: 1980s, Monster Movie Podcast, The Hannibal Fan Podcast, and The American Horror Story Fan Podcast.

Without the Grue-Crew, new and old, none of this would be here. My gratitude is astronomical.

However,  since the launch of Gruesome Magazine in October of 2015, we have grown even more and continue to grow each day. It is astounding to stop and look at where Gruesome Magazine is taking us. But, as reviews, interviews, and podcasts zip by at a dizzying pace, I find myself want to stop for just a moment and appreciate all those who are a part of this incredible journey. I want to introduce you to newest of the Grue-Crew.


Jumping on the podcast bandwagon, Jeff is leading the charge on the latest Gruesome Magazine podcast Decades of Horror: The Classic Era. Along with his in depth reviews, he also provides the site with awesome stats on the Top 10 Horror Films of the Year.


An extraordinary artist, Chad brings his charm and personality to all the things he adds to the site and the podcasts. He is quickly becoming the brother-from-another-mother to The Black Saint. What’s this, a bromance? He is also a co-host on Decades of Horror: The Classic Era.


Paul is the man in charge of the Groovy Gory Gruesome Gold reviews every Sunday, taking a look at classics from decades gone by. Meet up with the Grue-crew at a film festival and you’re likely to run into Paul who also keeps his finger on the pulse of independent film making.


Father, family man, and reviewer of the weird, wild, and wonderful, Adam continually collects the most bizarre films to review. C’mon, he reviewed The Search for Weng Weng.


Hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, Kieran brings his European views to Gruesome Magazine. He also contributes to Scream Horror Magazine, Diabolique Magazine, and his own site, That’s Not Current.


Another comic connection, Mike is the co-creator and writer of Fist of Justice and a contributor to That’s Not Current. Look for more of his reviews on Gruesome Magazine in the coming months.


Another recent addition to the fold, Erin also contributes to Diabolique Magazine and That’s Not Current along with Backseat Driver Reviews. She has also been bitten by the podcast bug joining Decades of Horror: The Classic Era.


Jerry is a passionate fan of the more strange and unusual horror films. He can speak for hours on Tombs of the Blind Dead and is an annual volunteer at Dragon Con.


Perhaps the only person I know whose first horror film he ever saw starred Frankie Avalon, John is a long-time horror fan and a professional film critic since 1987. He is the entertainment editor at Boston Event Guide. For Gruesome Magazine, he is keeping his eye on the campiest of films available.


A professional camera operator out of Canada, Alan is a fan turned contributor joining on episodes of Decades of Horror: 1070s and, more recently, providing reviews for Gruesome Magazine.

To each of you, I tip my hat and share a wide smile. Thank you for everything,

Doc Rotten, Editor-In-Chief, Gruesome Magazine and Horror News Radio

Doc Rotten
Editor-In-Chief / Founder / Podcast Producer at Horror News Radio
Doc Rotten is the founder of Gruesome Magazine. He is also a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and the podcast host & producer for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast and Hannibal Fan Podcast. He is also co-host of the Dracula podcast on TV TALK and is a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior.

Doc a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist. Still a huge fan of horror films from the 70s, Doc continues consuming horror films to this day for the site, for the podcasts and for the fun of it all.