“Fear the Walking Dead” S02E09: Los Muertos

It is that time again, Grue-believers, that day of the week you all look forward to when your resident thug does his review of the weekly installment of Fear the Walking Dead. I think I know why you look forward to it though. Is it for my masterful skills in expressing myself artistically through the art of verbiage? Nope. Is it for my quips? Probably not. Is it for my sarcasm? Perhaps. Although the previously mentioned reasons are all very acceptable, I think it is because I go through the pain of watching the show so you don’t have to. You get to sit back and read my review, get some laughs and, in the end, you’re happy you did not have to watch it and I am 100% okay  with that. The thug is always willing to take one for the team, especially the Gruesome team. Enough self-adulation, let’s do this.

Ironic that the name of this episode is “Los Muertos”. Translation: the dead, because, if this show does not turn it up soon, that’s what it will be….dead. As you all know, I was less than impressed with last week’s far from  stellar offering; but, I gave it a pass because I assumed they were trying to develop Nick’s (Frank Dillane) character. To be honest though, as optimistic as I normally am, I’m losing my patience with this show. As I’ve stated before, if I do not reach for my phone during a show or movie it means I really dig it. The more I reach for my phone, the more  the said show or movie is losing me. I reached for my phone on several occasions, but thanks to the technology of DVR,  I was able to rewind the part I drifted off on to see what I missed. What did I miss? I’m glad you asked. I missed nothing. To be fair, it is football season; but, if I was watching Stranger Things during football season I guarantee that I would not have reached for my phone nearly as much.


“Los  Muertos” opens with Nick waking up next to some people in the make-shift hospital at the compound he was taken to. He stumbles  outside and it’s pretty empty. He walks to a lone little girl who is just saying “Papa” over and over. Nick looks at the scene to see the towns people chanting as a man hands his knife over to Alejandro (Marco Rodriguez) and heads through a bus which serves as a gate to the outside of Colonia to basically “sacrifice” himself to the walkers as the little girl runs away sobbing and Nick has a “WTF” look on his face.

After a strong start, we get whisked away to Dullville with Madison (Kim Dickens), Strand (Colman Domingo), Alicia (Alycia Debnam Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). They are on their trek back to the Abigail with Madison still pining over Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo Henrie). Much to their dismay, there is no sign of the Abigail. Apparently, it was confiscated by the Mexican military. After more nonsensical banter and a decision to stake out the local hotel, they leave a sign in the sand stating “Abigail lost head north.”

Back to Nick at Colonia, he is chosen by Luciana (Danay Garcia) to go with her on a “mission”. There is a lot of tension between these two, I have a feeling the writers are attempting to ramp this up and have them become a thing. They head through the bus gate and Luciana spikes a walker to the wall, slits his throat. She and Nick use the blood to cover themselves to allow passage through the walkers. Humanely she releases the walker after using his blood.


Meanwhile, back in Dullville, Strand and the gang decide the hotel is safe to enter. They go to the bar area and much to the opposition of Madison they split up. Madison and Ofelia head off to check out the rooms while Strand convinces Madison she needs a drink.

While Nick and Luciana are on their supply trek, Nick takes the opportunity to address the WTF moment. Basically, we find out that Colonia has a warped view (fed to them by Alejandro) that the self-sacrifice of the dying to the walkers reinforces  the belief that once the dead are gone, the earth will be renewed. Luciana claims that Alejandro was bitten and is the only one not to turn. Nick calls bullshit, but Luciana says she witnessed the bite.

Back at the hotel bar, Strand and Madison are getting their drink on and Madison is a bit tipsy. They vent to each other and some hidden feelings on their pasts come out. Madison reveals she lied to Nick and Alicia about their father’s  death. It was actually a suicide. Meanwhile, Ofelia and Alicia are checking rooms and can hear walkers in some of them. After getting supplies from one room, they come upon a “nice” empty unit and decide to get cleaned up.


Nick and Luciana make their way into gang territory where trades are made. Luciana trades medicine to go on a shopping spree for two carts of supplies in the gang’s make shift supermarket patrolled by thugs but is told that she can only have one. Nick really wants a snack cake but Luciana scolds him and says they are only there for the needed supplies. As they are leaving with their shopping cart, Nick gets tackled by the thugs as they pull a stolen snack cake from his pocket. The gang leader Marco (Alejandro Edda) gets ready to take Nick’s hand off with a machete; however, Nick uses the opportunity to barter, threatening that there will be no more Oxy supplied to the junkies (which includes Marco’s sister) if they do not get the two carts and the snack cake. Nick used his keen observation skills to make the assumption while shopping in the warehouse. Guess what…. they leave the compound  with two carts, one snack cake and all 4 hands.

Alicia exits  the shower looking for Ofelia and witnesses  something fall from above. She steps on to the terrace and sees  walkers throwing themselves off of balconies into the courtyard below. The walkers proceed to get up and shamble  towards the open doors on the bottom level. Alicia begins screaming to warn  Madison and Strand. As Alicia makes her way frantically to the stairway, she opens it up to a number of walkers. Flash to downstairs where Strand is playing an out of tune piano as Madison continues to do shots, smashing the emptied glasses off the wall. Walkers begin to enter the bar thanks to Strand’s musical genius. This sobers the drunken duo up quickly as they put the bar between them and the walkers, desperately searching for any weapons they can confiscate.

Back at Colonia, Nick immediately goes to the little girl from the beginning of the show and gives her the snack cake.  Luciana looks on, softening her angry expression. I’m telling you these two are going to hook up. Nick then has to meet with Alejandro who is not amused with his heroic actions. He then proceeds to tell Nick about his theory of outlasting death as Nick takes notice of the possible bite marl Luciana referred to.


Flash to a rally led by Alejandro where he is rousing the crowd as to his theory and Nick sits in the back. They begin the chant that they were saying at the start of the show which when translated means “from death we come and to death we deliver ourselves.” Nick joins in the chant.

“Los Muertos” was written by Alan Page and directed by Deborah Chow. This episode wasn’t the most interesting of the series. It did have some aspects that were worthy of attention, but they were few. One thing that I have really liked about the returning two episodes is the absence of Travis and Chris but that just means that we are probably creeping up on some episodes focusing in on them which may begin next  week….I shudder at the thought.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 “Los Muertos” 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

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