Dragon Con meets Horror News Radio: The Black Saint, Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani on Horror Track Panels

Horror News Radio invades the Dragon Con Horror Track 2016

Horror News Radio will be making their first trek to Dragon Con, the largest fantasy – sci-fi – horror convention on the East Coast with over 65,000 genre fans in attendance. The Black Saint, Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani will be joined by frequent Decades of Horror guest-hosts Christopher G. Moore and Bill Mulligan. The grue-crew will be on many of the panels featured on the horror track all weekend long from September 2 – 5, 2016. If you are attending Dragon Con be sure to come by and say hello. With any luck, this will be the beginning of an annual event for HNR, DoH and Gruesome Magazine.

Below are the panels on which the grue-crew will be included. See you there! Find us in the Westin, Peachtree.



The Phantom of the Paradise Panel – 5:30 PM
The Black Saint, Thomas Mariani, Bill Mulligan, Doc Rotten, w/ Daniel Griffith

Gather all you Old Souls, for a discussion about Brian De Palma’s cult classic horror-comedy-quasi-musical, The Phantom of the Paradise.


The Shining v The Shining – 7:00 PM
Thomas Mariani w/ Karen E. Taylor, Phantom Troublemaker and Clay Gilbert

The Shining is discussed, ranging from King’s original novel to Kubrick’s film.


Modern Horror Classics – 8:30 PM
The Black Saint, Thomas Mariani, Christopher G. Moore, Doc Rotten w/ Mari Mancusi

The movies from this millennium that we feel have the best chance of standing the test of time.



Scream: 20th Year Anniversary Fan Panel – 1:00 PM
The Black Saint, Thomas Mariani, Christopher G. Moore, Doc Rotten

Where has time gone? Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s Scream turns 20 years old this year. This panel will focus on the first film in the franchise.


Bates Motel Fan Panel – 4:00 PM
Doc Rotten w/ James A Moore and Henry Hanks

We examine A&E’s prequel to Psycho as it ramps up to its final season.


Preacher Fan Panel – 7:00 PM
The Black Saint, Thomas Mariani, Christopher G. Moore

A discussion devoted to the new TV show adapted from the infamous comic book series.

Zombie eye

Oww! My Eye: A Tribute to Fulci – 10:00 PM
The Black Saint, Bill Mulligan, Doc Rotten w/ L. Andrew Cooper

Geek out about the Godfather of Gore, Lucio Fulci.



Reel Monsters: Cryptozoology and Horror – 1:00 PM
Bill Mulligan w/ Lyle Blackburn, Thom Truelove and Katie Elliot

Depictions of real-life monsters in horror books, film and other media.


Hammer Films: The 1970s – 4:00 PM
The Black Saint, Bill Mulligan, Doc Rotten w/ Daniel Griffith, Mark Maddox and Anthony Taylor

A reappraisal of Hammer Film’s output of ’70’s Gothic Horror films.


Ash v the Evil Dead Fan Panel – 7:00 PM
Thomas Mariani, Christopher G. Moore, Bill Mulligan, Doc Rotten w/ Mari Mancusi

We talk about the cult favorite’s TV incarnation.


Legacy of the Blind Dead – 10:00 PM
Bill Mulligan, Doc Rotten

A discussion about Spain’s notorious Blind Dead franchise, celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2016.



American Horror Story: Autopsy – 11:30 AM
Christopher G. Moore, Doc Rotten w/ Mari Mancusi, Catherine M Scully and Derek Tatum

Discussion about the most recent season of American Horror Story and speculation about what’s next.

Doc Rotten
Editor-In-Chief / Founder / Podcast Producer at Horror News Radio
Doc Rotten is the founder of Gruesome Magazine. He is also a film critic for Gruesome Magazine and the podcast host & producer for Horror News Radio, Monster Movie Podcast, Decades of Horror: 1970s, The American Horror Story Fan Podcast and Hannibal Fan Podcast. He is also co-host of the Dracula podcast on TV TALK and is a contributing reviewer for HorrorNews.Net and Widescreen Warrior.

Doc a lifelong fan of horror films, sci-fi flicks and monster movies first discovering Universal Monsters and Planet of the Apes as a young child in the 1970's searching out every issue of Famous Monster of Filmland (and, later, Fangoria). Favorite films include Jaws, The Car, The Birds, The Tingler, Vampire Circus and The Exorcist. Still a huge fan of horror films from the 70s, Doc continues consuming horror films to this day for the site, for the podcasts and for the fun of it all.