[Podcast] Bed of the Dead (Fantasia 2016) — Nathan Ludwig from GenreBlast Film Festival — Episode 003 — HNR EXTRA

Each year the Fantasia International Film Festival descends upon  Montreal, Quebec, Canada, providing genre fans with a copious amount of films, feature length and short films alike. This year Gruesome Magazine will be covering a number of the films being presented at the 2016 festival. Tonight, Paul Cardullo joins Doc Rotten to discuss one of those films, the  Canadian  horror masterpiece from director Jeff Maher, BED OF THE DEAD.

Interviewed this week is Nathan Ludwig, the festival director of GenreBlast Film Festival. The festival is held in Culpeper, Virginia from August 19 – 21, 2016. This is the festival’s first year. Nathan discusses the birth of the festival, the type of films it attracts and the audience they are looking to support. And he gives a preview  of some of the films that will play. Horror News Radio and Gruesome Magazine will be attending the festival to catch the offerings and meet the film makers behind the genre films playing that weekend.

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Episode 003 — Bed of the Dead  (2016)  —  Interview  Nathan Ludwig
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REVIEW: Bed of the Dead  (Fantasia 2016)

Director Jeff Maher, along with co-writer Cody Calahan, has created a fun, gruesome horror film centering around a killer bed. That’s right, a killer bed. Their film, BED OF THE DEAD, is much more than just its gimmick however. The film also weaves in a morality play and teases out its story with a dash of paradoxical time travel. Colin Price plays a copy investigating the deaths of five persons who were killed in a fire within a “sex club.” Alysa King, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Dennis Andres and George Krissa play four of the victims of the tragic event. The film reveals their stories, the motivations behind the bed and contains a collection of gory deaths sure to satisfy most horror fans. Doc and Paul recap and review the film viewed in connection with the Fantasia International Film Festival.


INTERVIEW: Nathan Ludwig,  GenreBlast Film Festival

Doc sits down with Nathan Ludwig to discuss the first year of the GenreBlast Film Festival. Ludwig and his team are bringing a large collection ( 19 features and 80+ shorts) to the town of Culpeper, Va on August 19 -21, 2016. Nathan discusses their approach to giving their festival a unique tone and atmosphere as they look to present the best genre based films from independent film makers across the globe. The films include many horror films, fantasy adventures and sci-fi marvels. But it also includes comedy, action and animated features as well. The films showing that weekend include (but are not limited to) All Through the House, Capsule, Frankenstein Created Bikers, Mania, Night of Something Strange, Peelers and…Yeti: A Love Story 2 – Life on the Streets. Look for more reviews and interview from the festival as Doc Rotten and Paul Cardullo attend the festival to report back here on HNR Extra and Gruesome Magazine.



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