[Podcast] Joseph Perry talks Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo’s Nagoya Tour Stop

For this special edition of Horror News Radio, foreign correspondent Joseph Perry (South Korea) joins Doc Rotten to discuss SQFFT, a horror film festival Joseph recently attended in Nagoya, Japan. The festival is unique in a variety of ways, from the films it presents, to the filmmakers behind them, to the venue itself. Joseph dives into 10 short horror films that caught his attention. They range from a psycho-killer piece set in the seventies, to a gothic period piece from Australia, to a science fiction/horror blend from Canada, and so much more. He also shares some fun stories about the venue that could only happen at SQFFT.

Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo (SQFFT) is “a film festival dedicated to showcase and promote female filmmakers in the horror genre.” Launched in 2013, SQFFT is held annually in Tokyo with tour screenings around Japan throughout the year, including Osaka and Nagoya tour stops. Joseph attended the one in Nagoya in Febraury. SQFFT’s  call for submissions is now open for its 4th annual edition, running October 22-28, 2016 at Uplink Factory theater in Tokyo. Check out SQFFT’s  website at http://www.sqfft.jp/, their Facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/ScreamQueenFilmfestTokyo, and their Twitter @SQFFT.

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  • Slut [USA; seventies-set psycho killer]: writer/director Chloe Okuno; Molly McIntyre as Maddy; James Gallo as stranger; Kasia Pilewicz as Jolee
  • Little Lamb [Australia; period piece gothic thriller]: Writer/director/editor Heidi Lee Douglas; Georgia Lucy as Louisa; James Grim as Mr. Black
  • Serpent’s Lullaby [Canada/USA; atmospheric horror] Director Patricia Chica; Jenimay Walker stars
  • Substance [USA; science fiction/horror] director Barbara Stepansky; Najarra Townsend as Summer; Stephanie Lovey Underwood as Mallory; Camillia Sanes Monet as Mallory’s mom Julia; Andy Earle as Parker
  • The Last Bastard [Canada; dark drama] Writer/director Ashley Fester; Tom Edwards and Janice Ryan as Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds; Brynn Huber as Abigail Tate
  • Tritch [Australia; Shanghai-set ghost drama]: Writer/director Natalie James; Jenevieve Chang as Mai
  • Fish Out of Water [Canada; science fiction/horror]: writer/director Kirsten Carthew; Mira Hall as Woman; Ella Bertelsen as Girl
  • A Favor [USA; horror comedy]: director Izzy Lee; Shaun Callaghan as Jackson
  • Grillz [Australia; horror comedy]: Director Lucy Gouldthorpe, Melanie Irons as Milla
  • Pink [Australia; supernatural drama]: writer/director Lynne Vincent McCarthy; Brendan Donoghue as Leon; Olive Fitzgerald as girl
Serpent's Lullaby
Serpent’s Lullaby

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