“The Judas Ghost” (2015): An Insufferable Tale of Ghost Hunting Nonsense

This is a Thug review of the film The Judas Ghost and as you know the Thug spoils things in his reviews. So, if you are really interested in seeing this movie (I hope you are NOT) then go watch it first.

Grue-believers, if you like your horror movies NOT scary in any way with elementary school effects and terrible acting, then this  is the movie for you. I’m talking about The Judas Ghost from director Simon Pearce. Look, as readers of my reviews -and even when I am on the podcasts, you all know that I do not sugar coat things. This is just a terrible movie. The only horrifying thing about it is that someone actually thought it was good enough to be made.


The setting is an abandoned village hall called the Karnaki Institute somewhere in England. A group of know-it-all ghost hunters is here to find the offending spirit and dispatch of it. The team is made up of the tech guy Ian Calder (Alexander Perkins), the sensitive medium Anna Gilmour (Lucy Cudden), the camera guy Mark Vega (Simon Merrells) and the pompous leader Jerry Mackay (Martin Delaney).

The plan is to stay in this hall, call out the poltergeist, spirit or beast, send it where it belongs and then go on their merry little way. I am going to be completely honest with you my friends and readers. This movie did not hold my attention at all. As a matter of fact you know what was good about it? NOTHING! You all know my feelings on Fear of the Walking Dead; compared to this, that show is brilliant on every level and I’d rather be forced to watch the inaugural season over and over again rather than have to sit through another viewing of this hack job called a film.


Rather than make you suffer with a recap of one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I will hit you with some “highlights”. Ian is you typical geek that freaks out about everything, Anna is a poor excuse for a ghost whisperer who is the object of Jerry’s affections while Mark was a former mental patient who was used to lure the crew back to the hall to “feed the beast”. It seems as though Lucy Cudden and Martin Delaney are in competition to determine the worst actor of the two; I split the award. At one point a piano begins to play on its own and Martin’s character Jerry threatens the piano by stating “stop that right now or I will rip your keys out”. Ooh, I know you all just got chills.

Anyhow the team draws a protection symbol on the floor and they all stand inside of it and then the big scene; the judas ghost appears played by Grahame Fox. Now this ghost looks like a much poorer version of the zombie played by Rob Corddry in Warm Bodies with some bad fake blood constantly flowing from his mouth. Anyhow one by one he gets each of the characters to leave the circle for one reason or another. First is Ian who gets sucked into a doorway trying to escape then Anna gets sucked into a trapdoor filled with blood. With just Jerry and Mark left, Jerry receives an “air headbutt” from the ghost causing him to become possessed but Mark helps him fight it out. Mark eventually gives himself up destroying the ghost allowing Jerry to go free.


The only reason that this film even registered a score with me is because it was so laughable and literally made me giggle at some scenes. Terrible effects, horrible use of CGI blood, poor script and of course the offensive acting make this movie intolerable. As a matter of fact I was texting with my big bro The Black Saint and he sympathized with me. Apparently he began watching it and turned it off after 20 minutes. But as you know, the Thug is a trooper and I did this for my man Doc Rotten and of course for all of you, the Grue-believers. I definitely took one for the team here. If you want to see a much better movie that this film clearly tried to take some cues from watch Grave Encounters from 2011.

The Judas Ghost 0.5 out of 5 stars (0.5 / 5) on The Thug Meter

JJ Fitt
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