[Podcast] 17th Annual Nevermore Film Festival 2016 — Episode 80 — Monster Movie Podcast

It is that time of year again, the beginning of the Film Festival season. The first up for Gruesome Magazine, Horror News Radio and the Monster Movie Podcast is the NEVERMORE FILM FESTIVAL in Durham, North Carolina held in February of 2016. We covered the festival last year with Paul Cardullo joining Doc Rotten to discuss the top films from the festival. Paul returns this year to once again look at the selection of film presenting during the festival’s 17th year.

The festival mixes things up a bit this year by presenting far more animated and science fiction films during the weekend events, especially for a horror film festival. For the most part, this works in its favor. Except, the better horror films are hard to find with the animated features eclipsing the other genre related films on the schedule. The festival also presents a number of short horror film blocks with the kick-ass horror short KNOB GOBLINS from occasional HNR guest-host Christopher G. Moore being a highlight of the weekend.

The festival comes highly recommended from both Doc Rotten and Paul Cardullo. The Nevermore Film Festival is presented each February over the second weekend of the month. The festival runs from Friday through Sunday with multiple screens showing the selected films. The event is located at the Carolina Theater in Durham, North Carolina. We hope to see you there next year!

Monster Movie Podcast
Episode 80  —  Nevermore Film Festival 2016
w/ guest host  Paul Cardullo
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Here are the films from the NEVERMORE FILM FESTIVAL discussed on this episode of Monster Movie Podcast

  • 10 – Knob Goblins
    w/d Christopher G. Moore
  • 09 –  Battle Dream Chronicle
    w/d/animator/composer/editor. Alain Bidard
  • 08 – Reveries of a Solitary Walker
    w/d Paolo Gaudio
  • 07 – Scrawl
    w/d Peter Hearn
  • 06 – The Unraveling
    w/d Thomas Jakobsen
  • 05 – …In the Dark
    w/d David Spaltro
  • 04 – Everlasting
    w/d.Anthony Stabley
  • 03 – Idyll (Idila)
    w/d Tomaz Gorkic
  • 02 – Chatter
    w/d Matthew Solomon
  • 01 – 13 Cameras
    w/d Victor Zarcoff


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