“The Walking Dead” S06E07: Heads Up

Warning, this review contains spoilers.

Well, hello my gore loving friends. How was this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead? I won’t keep you hanging: it was freaking awesome. I’m sure there is a ton of mixed emotions out there. Some are happy, some angry, some indifferent and some, well some people have watched their last episode of The Walking Dead. Isn’t that correct Mr. Ellin Jr.?

I’m really not one to say I told you so, but I did, so — “I told you so!” If you don’t believe me, just go read my reviews over or listen to our Gruesome Magazine podcast. Our friend Glenn is alive and well. Episode seven wastes no time as we are presented with  a black screen and the voice of Nicholas saying “thank you.” We then get to relive the ending of episode 3 where he and Glenn fall  into a hungry  zombie mob. As I said watching them eat Nicholas’ intestines as he lay on top of our hero, Glenn is alive. As I guessed, Glenn proceeds  to pass out under the dumpster as the mob eventually thins out and leaves.


This episode brings  back our JSS girl as she and Glenn team up for an odd pairing. Odd is correct but it does  work. We still don’t know what Enid’s deal is but she definitely has an internal conflict waging. We get  to see a range of emotions that ranged from a wannabe bad ass to a sobbing teen girl as Glenn and she travel back to Alexandria. There is  a heartfelt moment when Glenn stumbles  upon a zombie whose eye was stuck to the fence. Glenn puts him out of his misery only to realize it was the guy traveling with them who  could not wait to get back to his wife. He also finds hisscrolled a message to her on a roll of toilet paper  in case he did not make it. You really get to empathize with Glenn’s emotions here as you can see the sadness on his face. Despite the state of the world in The Walking Dead,  we still get moments like this with raw emotion that makes you really feel a part of the show. Kudos writers and directors, this season is excellent so far!

During the episode we find Morgan practicing some Napoleon Dynamite-esque moves with his sweet bow staff. We also get Ron insisting to  learn to learn how to shoot. Rick and Carl do take him and teach him the nuances of proper gun handling. Ron ominously keeps asking about ammo. Later we get a scene where he goes into the armory and steals some bullets. While following Carl in town, Ron reaches into the back of his pants and begins to draw his gun. That is all we got of this arc in the episode and we know that Ron and Carl are not fond of each other due to a tiff over Enid.


A somewhat intense scene has  Spencer trying to climb over the surrounding zombies via a grappling hook and line that broke with  Rick and the gang saving  him just in time. Spencer explains  he was going to try and draw the zombies away with one of the vehicles but this dude has been cracking lately. I’m wondering what is true intentions are.

We do get our comic relief scene with my boy Eugene at Rosita’s weapons training. Eugene being a somewhat unwilling participant quips he is a weapons novice with people wearing open toed shoes in his proximity. We get to see some team building exercises as one of the town folk gives Rick a hand with wall reinforcement. My girl Carol confronts Morgan about the wolf he is keeping prisoner.


Building through the entire episode we kept getting a close up of an old building right outside the wall of Alexandria along with creaking and cracking sounds. In true The Walking Dead cliff hanger fashion we get the building crashing down on the wall destroying that portion of it at the end of the episode.

Heads Up was stellar as has been the case with most of the episodes this season. I’m not one for watching previews of the following week’s episode but I can pretty much guarantee that next week’s episode will be fairly awesome; I will try not to say I told you so again. David Boyd directed the episode who has The Walking Dead  experience as does our writer Channing Powell. Great pairing, great episode. Heads up friends, this is going to be a great finish to a great season.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 “Heads Up” 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

JJ Fitt
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