“The Walking Dead” S06E06: Always Accountable

Warning, this review contains spoilers.

Well, friends, as you know, I was not at all pleased with last week’s episode. I wouldn’t say I was as angry as when I get Murphy’d but I was still quite displeased. Despite my feelings, I gave The Walking Dead a mulligan in hopes that this week’s episode will deliver like most of the season has thus far. Let’s buckle up and see if I am angry or satisfied.

As has been the case every week thus far we follow another story arc in a parallel time line, this week is  no different. Always Accountable  takes  us to hang with Sasha, Abraham and fan favorite Daryl. The episode kicked starts with a bang as our heroes are heading  back to Alexandria  when they start getting shot at by people in other vehicles. Is it the Wolves? I don’t think so, it isn’t their MO. The group gets split up as Daryl navigates the motorcycle between a horde of walkers. After a cut scene we see Daryl lying next to his bike and a burnt walker wearing a motorcycle helmet.


We follow  two story lines from here on in. One has  Daryl trying to make it back to Sasha and Abraham. The second focuses on  Sasha and Abraham getting to know each other better. The latter is  very soap opera-ish to me with the writing feeling lazy. The gist is that Abraham (apparently a former soldier) needs the violence to make him feel alive and Sasha calls him on it. This makes Abraham to begin  falling for Sasha. I wasn’t sure if I was watching The Days of our Lives or The Walking Dead. In the WTF moment of the week, Abe climbs out to a walker in his army fatigues suspended by fence post he is impaled on and goes nose to nose with him while he screams in his face. After that the former soldier walker falls, Abraham lights up a stogie. Makes perfect sense, right?

Meanwhile, the Daryl story line focuses on him meeting three strangers (a guy and two girls) who take him hostage because the mistakenly think he is one of “them”. “Them” I’m guessing from what the episode gave us is a group of people that once were like the community of Alexandria but, as supplies dwindled, survival instincts took over in a very bad way. After an escape and re-introduction on his terms, Daryl saves the three from their former group.


In a scene I’m sure everyone including my dogs Watson and Xander saw coming, one of the girls gets bitten by a walker. This leads to the questions that gets asked every other episode: “how many walkers have you killed?” and the follow up “how many people have you killed?” Anyhow, as Daryl is trying to lead them out, they put two and two together, literally, as only two of them can fit on the bike. Any guesses as to which two (that’s a lot of two’s)? If you said the girl and the guy (with the gun) who is not Daryl, you win this week’s prize. Anyhow, they say “sorry” as they pull away on the bike as Daryl retorts “you will be” and pulls the widdled figure out of his pocket the guy made. Daryl is a tracker with a very special set of skills, he will find them and he will….oh wait that’s from a movie or something like that. Like I said, Daryl is an awesome tracker and a fan favorite so he immediately finds an oil truck, takes it and picks up Abe and Sasha. He knew exactly where they were due to his awesome tracking skills. Have I mentioned what a great tracker Mr. Dixon is? On the way back to Alexandria Daryl is trying to radio Rick and instead of Rick answering back we here a voice feebly calling for help. Is it Glenn? I don’t know but if it is I holding you to your word Mr. Ellin Jr. That’s right Santos, you will no longer be watching The Walking Dead. Check recent episodes of Horror News Radio to see what I mean…

While not the most intense episode, episode 6  is definitely a step up from last week. Once again, the walker practical effects are excellent with the mossy walker being  my favorite. “Always Accountable” is  directed by Michael E. Satrazemis and written by Matthew Negrete. I am holding the directors and writers accountable if this season fails!


The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 “Always Accountable” 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

JJ Fitt
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