“Scream Queens” S01E08: Mommie Dearest

This review contains spoilers.

Well, friends, when I left you all last week, I was angry at the thought of being Murphy’d. I still haven’t watched anything past the first episode of American Horror Story  Hotel because the first episode was such a steaming pile of…well, you know. On a much better note I will say this: Ash vs. The Evil Dead is amazing on every level and is currently my favorite TV show. If you are not watching it — well, never mind I’m not accepted any excuses — GO WATCH IT NOW! Then, read Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani’s reviews. These are not requests, they are orders and I say this all with love. Speaking of love, I love this week’s episode of Scream Queens…probably because Ryan Murphy did not write or direct the episode. Heck, even my wife got  into it and was laughing. The banter is  witty, the insults are  funny with  the only negative being  I did not get enough of the Rad one. But, when he was on, he shines as usual. Let’s dig on in and see how she rolled.


As I stated above, episode 8 of Scream Queens, Mommie Dearest,  reels me back in a bit and is  laugh out loud funny at parts. I mean, come on, the opening Psycho-esque shower scene where Dean Munsch says she saw the movie many times and then proceeds to whoop not one but two Red devil asses along with someone else dressed in a politician mask is the best way to start things off. All this domination while talking trash is exactly what this show needs. Have I ever told you all how much I love Jamie Lee Curtis? Even as a mature woman, she is still awesome!

Chanel is  back in for this week with her insults, Emma Roberts plays this role beautifully. You actually want to just grab her and shake her at certain points. Chanel is convinced that Grace and Zayday are the killers and hires two of Scotland Yard’s finest to prove it. When they tell her they have no jurisdiction in the United States, she goes on a tangent referring to them as toothless inbreeds.


To my disappointment,  we do not  get enough  Mr. Radwell, but we do  get some gems he comes  up with during the night of 1000 compliments, telling Channel she has a hot mouth but it would look better kissing his rock hard abs. He also compliments her outfit while adding it looks super absorbent and that it would work well in for wiping down after a bone session.

I got a giggle out of the scene where Jen — affectionately known as “Farty McCandlewax” — meets her demise. Before being dispatched by Reds during her candle vlog, she is talking about a candle that the store had to really look for and found it in the back. That candles name is Mrs. Clause’s cinnamon brown eye.


Other reveals in the episode include the identity of Grace’s mom. She is  none other than the “Waterfalls is my jam” girl from the pilot episode. Denise moves into the Kappa house after being offered three million dollars to prove Grace and Zaday are the killers. She takes a liking to No. 5’s wardrobe, even her thongs. Chanel No. 5 is  very upset and questions why she is wearing her clothes to which Denise quips the real question is why are you the size of a 40 year old woman. Channel jumps in by adding that No. 5’s thongs are just happy to finally be touching human genitals. Denise all but proves that both Zayday and Grace are clean and makes Channel apologize to Grace. And, we finally see Nick Jonas again who’s character Boone has been absent since the pilot. He shows up bearded in a gym where everyone is mistaking him for Joaquin Phoenix and seeking autographs. We find out what I’ve thought since the beginning that he is indeed one of the red devils under the direction of Gigi.

“Mommie Dearest” is  much better than last week’s and has me back in again. As I mentioned before, it is  probably better to me because Murphy is  not involved with the episode. The director is  Michael Uppendahl whose credits include the popular Mad Men and, oh yeah, that other little show I review, The Walking Dead. The episode is  written by Ian Brennan of the Glee crew. While not the season’s best episode, episode eight of Scream Queens is definitely back in an upward swing.

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 8 “Mommiee Dearest” 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) on the Thug Meter

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